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A statement from NO FLASH

We try not to send you many of these. Yeah, we do a few Facebook statuses and we put them videos on YouTube because we like to think you smile when you watch them. We know we do. We’ve done a lot of smiling and laughing over the past 3 years in our different guises.

On June 6th 2008 Ged, Seb, Michael and Stew went to see The Black Kids play at The Academy. We decided we’d have a bash at that. We called ourselves NO FLASH and after the gig we met Reggie where he told us we were amazing and we’d make it.

We never set out to “make it”. We set out to make songs we’d enjoy and have fun. We did that. We had a blast.

Wally joined us on bass with his massive face and we had more laughs.

Alex joined us on keys with his cock-er-ney Norwich accent and we had more laughs.

Wally moved to Leicester and Weaves joined us on bass with his noisy mouth.

And we had more laughs.

Then Ged went and moved to Holland. We didn’t laugh as much.

From four lads who couldn’t play instruments to playing festivals and even at one point getting presented to Universal and Island records. Still, we’re all still working so that’s how that went. 

We’ve even been featured in the Boston Metro in the good old US of A to over 2 million people. That was fun.

But it’s getting a bit tricky what with this water separating the band. We toyed with ending the band. We think we actually did at one point. But two things are happening in August:

We’re on the Boston Metro’s podcast

We’ve got a gig on 18th August where FMS Promotions are billing us as one of the 4 bands to look out for from Manchester this year.

We’re releasing our debut/only album

So we figure it’s not the end. But it will be our last gig for some time. We’re going to do other stuff. We’re still releasing our debut album so you’ll have something to listen to. We honestly don’t know if we’ll ever play together again so if it becomes the end it was fun. We thank our friends from the start and the ones we made on the way too. It’s been incredible.

“I’d say this to him Terry – we danced the last fandango, did cartwheels round the floor. We were feeling kinda sea-sick but the crowd cried out for more.”

“And what would that mean?”

“Fucked if I know Terry, fucked if I know”

Ta ra for now



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