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Band Members

Ged (Vocals/Guitar)
Michael (Guitar/Vocals)
Alex (Keys)
Weaves (Bass)
Stew (Drums)

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Academy 3, Manchester. A rain soaked evening in the beautiful British summer of 2008. Four lads go to a gig and decide to start a band. They don’t know how it will sound, they don’t really know who can play instruments but they know it’ll be a laugh. NO FLASH was born. On leaving that gig a chance encounter with Reggie (Black Kids) set in motion the adventure. Without hearing any material Reggie, being drawn in by the passion and vigor, declared that “you guys are gonna be famous” because “NO FLASH are amazing”. As it had been proclaimed, it seemed rude not to see it through. One week later - Stew buys some sticks on the way to the first practice as he’s going to be the drummer. Never played drums in his life. Ged and Michael buy electric guitars. Only ever played on acoustics before. Noises happen, sounds and unbelievably melodies appear and some of these songs start to take shape.

At the first gig at Night & Day (with no bassist) NO FLASH play to over 50 people who probably came to see them fall flat on their faces in a crescendo of appalling noise. The general review that night was shock at these non-musicians creating some great sounds.

Fast forward 12 months, with the welcome addition of a bassist and recently a keyboardist, NO FLASH are now making the right noises throughout Manchester. Having filled various venues in their fair city; Night & Day, Moho Live, The Ruby Lounge and Academy 3 to name a few, the lads have also performed at two In The City events. Within months of forming they were featured in the article – 9 for 2009. Breaking out of Manchester, gigs in Liverpool (Cavern Club and Zanzibar amongst others) and Leeds (The Northern Monkey) show that these lads have something enticing that is difficult to categorise - from “soulful guitars with Mancunian angst” to “jaunting indie pop”.

With support slots to The Sunshine Underground, Team Waterpolo, Will and The People, Pete & the Pirates and Hip Parade already under their belt and exciting opportunities happening in 2010, NO FLASH are definitely coming of age. Regular mentions on XFM have certainly helped their ascent over the past 12 months.

Still only a child, NO FLASH is certainly the kid showing potential. Cheeky, witty, emotional at times, from a hundred miles an hour to “someone’s tired”, NO FLASH are the apple of everyone’s eye. Ambitious, adventurous, uncontrollable yet determined, modest yet confident, these lads make music they simply enjoy. They hope others will enjoy it too but they make music for themselves. It’s their music but it’s your sound.

NO FLASH don’t like to talk about themselves. You lot out there can do the talking.

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